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By Loabay Admin1, Feb 9 2019 04:37AM

And what next of the KF v Samoa Police Authority story?
And what next of the KF v Samoa Police Authority story?

Your freedom? What about my freedom? Your rights? What about our rights? It takes a fair bit of anticipation.


And so con tinues the King Faipopo [KF] Supporters and Non-Supporters debate!

As I pause to reflect on the latest happenings in Samoa, it never ceases to amaze me that people don't seem to stop and think about what they are saying before they say it..

KF SUPPORTERS : It's his mum's last day

NON-SUPPORTERS : Yes, what about his last public post?

A few weeks before flying to Samoa for the funeral? Did he even think of how all his mouthings would have impacted his target's [PM] own kids and families?

And it how it could possibly make it his last day of so-called patriotic freedom?

KF SUPPORTERS : He's got rights

NON SUPPORTERS : What about our rights?

KF SUPPORTERS : It's his freedom of speech

NON-SUPPORTERS : What about our freedom and rights to protect our ears from hearing all the verbal pollution?

E manatua ai aso la sa o'u alu ai i trials o le au lakapi a aoga i Samoa ..Lau le 'au e le Coach e le pikia a'u,ae piki le isi tama. Ou fai loa i le coach palagi "What about my future?"ae tali mai le coach "What about his future?".

E faapena foi se lagona ile tulaga o loo vavao ai . Fai mai isi ole 'fight for your your right? O isi fai mai ole 'freedom of speech'? O le fesili, o lona uiga ea e te manatu e tuu faasaoloto oe ma isi tagata e ala lea i le fai o au/outou video ma e fa'aali lou lagona ise auala masoa ma tuga ma e manatu oloo e tautala/saunoa i lou oe a right ?(sa'o). Ae a faapefea foi le la uso, poo le tua'a o si la uso, o lo o fai agai i ai le faatinoina ole tulaga ua e manatu lava oe o lou right?

What about his/their rights? Pe o le na e te mana'o/finagalo e tu'u oe/latou e fai na o lou/a outou right?

And to add to it..What about the rights of law-enforcement officials to carry out due diligent duties?

I mean, did you really think that the law-enforcement officials will release their subject , especially a highly-publicised case like this, without claiming a bond?

Yes, in this case, the officials requested passport and possibly travel documents to be surrendered, as bond before release of the subject?

And I mean, so what if it was a last-minute decision by the officials?

Why could you not even anticipate that?

Or were you too busy trying to gather public attention for your cause that none of you even thought to stop and strategise nor attempt to forecast what the officials would demand of their/your 'non-local subject' ?

So what? So what? So what?And what ? So what will happen after the burial? Let's wait and see...

#RestInLove to your dearly beloved mother my friend Mr Paulo #Families are eternal #And don't forget, it only takes 30seconds to pause, stop and think.

Manuia lenei weekend ile tapuaiga malu a si o tatou atunuu, manuteleina faiva o feagai ai

#BIG #TOPIC #AnOpinion

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By Loabay Admin1, Feb 9 2019 03:03AM

Photo : supplied
Photo : supplied

“We’ve come a long way,” says SouthSeas Healthcare CEO Silao Vaisola-Sefo.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the numerous achievements, experiences and relationships we have had along the way. We have enjoyed our journey and the significant results delivered. As we celebrate our 20th year, we turn our focus to the journey ahead.”

Over the last two decades, SouthSeas Healthcare has helped drive the evolution of Pacific healthcare and empowered hundreds of families who need more support in South Auckland to enrol as patients.

“Since SouthSeas inception in 1999, we have achieved a lot as an organisation, our programme and services have expanded as have our staff numbers, and we have helped many families and residents of South Auckland. We have a lot to celebrate for what we have achieved in the last 20 years and we are delighted to have reached this milestone” says Silao.

“I am personally very pleased to mark this special event, for 20 years of excellent service is no easy feat. Given the significance of SouthSeas’ history and the stories we have to tell, we are deeply proud of the SouthSeas journey”.

“I am extremely proud of the journey and very honoured to be leading SouthSeas at this important milestone. We now provide a wide range of services to help improve the lives of our South Auckland families and communities by helping our patients get the medicines, knowledge and cultural support they need.”

“Our staff have been and will always be at the centre of SouthSeas Healthcare. Providing an exciting place to work where staff can develop and grow has always been extremely important to me,” says Silao.

“All of our staff are absolutely committed to the health and wellbeing of our Pacific communities. We also cherish the relationships we have with all the families and individuals who trust us and welcome us into their lives.”

“Sharing the journey and looking forward to another 20 years is our mission. It has been a wonderful 20 years. The next 20th anniversary will be even better.”

SouthSeas Healthcare will host a celebratory event for its 20th birthday at Te Puke o Tara Community Hall in Otara this evening, Saturday 9 February 2019.

The event will acknowledge the founding members and previous CEOs of SouthSeas Healthcare as well as long-serving staff members, and to express gratitude to the South Auckland community and funders who have played such a vital role to SouthSeas these past 20 years.

Source : Media Release /South Seas HealthCare

For more information contact Angie Enoka, 027 2529758 or [email protected]

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By Loabay Admin1, Feb 8 2019 08:43AM

Malele Paulo, commonly knownly as King Faipopo
Malele Paulo, commonly knownly as King Faipopo

Samoa-based media platform, Samoa Global News, reported this afternoon that Malele Paulo, known publicly as King Faipopo, was arrested earlier this afternoon by police, while in Samoa for his mother's funeral.

Paulo has gained a very large following in recent years over his social media videos and posts accusing Samoa Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, of assassination amongst several other accusations.

Speaking from the Police Station in Apia, on a live-video on his Facebook page, a somewhat mellowed Paulo urged his followers to pay due respect to authority and let 'the police carry out their duties'.

Paulo's post on his Facebook page before appearing in a live-video
Paulo's post on his Facebook page before appearing in a live-video

Samoa Global News in their report mentioned that Paulo's legal representative, Unasa Iuni Sapolu, stated that King Faipopo has been arrested and detained on two holding charges.

According to the report, Unasa explained that King Faipopo "came to Apia to take his mom’s body from Sefo’s funeral parlour, but police arrested him from Digicel while trying to get a local sim card.”



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By Loabay Admin1, Jan 30 2019 12:15AM

OPINION: The Cabinet will soon discuss new incentives to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles, Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter revealed last week.

Don't expect it to join the likes of Britain and France in setting a date for banning the sale of conventional petrol and diesel cars.

But there may be a better way that might prove less divisive than an outright ban, which would be to set a date by which, say, half of all new car imports and quarter of all second-hand imports would need to be electric.

By Loabay Admin1, Nov 30 2018 08:37PM

TALA MAI SAMOA 30Novema2018

(audio bulletin/English&Samoan subtitles)

Presented by : Heidi Marieta Ilalio


1. E 30 tausaga le matua o se tamaitai mai Melepone I Ausetalia, oloo aafia ise tulaga ose faiga-aiga fai-faamalosi (sei tulou) ma se alii 32 tausaga, tulai mai lenei tulaga, ile afioga o Sinamoga ile vaveao ole aso 21 Novema 2018. [00.12 – 1.03] (30-year old female, visiting Samoa from Melbourne is the alleged victim of a rape & sexual violation case involving a 32-year old male from Sinamoga, currently awaiting trial)

2. E 18 masina le umi ose faasalaga faa-falepuipui, ua tuuina atu ia Logoimamao Filifili Seve o se tamā e 60 tausaga le matua, ua molia ona oni uiga matagā, sa ia faaooina ise teineitiiti 12 tausaga. [1.03 – 2.53] [60-year old Logoimamao Filifili Seve, receives an 18-month jail sentence, for the indecent and sexual violation of a 12-year old girl)

3. E toafa ni alo talavou oloo ua manumalo a latou ata, sa tuuina mo le Tauvaga Pu’ega Ata Pupuu (Short Films Competition) , faatautaia e le Nofoaga Tutotonu ole Gagana Samoa ile Iunivesite ile Papaigalagala. [2.53 – 4.35] [The Centre for Samoan Studies at the National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) has named the 4 winners of their inaugural Short Film Competition.]

4. Faalia le popolega o Malo Aufaatasi, ona o le tulaga o loo faatagaina ai e le Matagaluega ole Soifua Maloloina I Samoa, le faaogaina e o vailaau e 2, e inu ile taimi e tasi, ile faainu-ga fualaau ole mumu tutupa . Teena e le Minisita ole Soifua Maloloina; Tuitama Dr Talalelei Tuitama nei popolega [4.35 – 6.04] (World Health Organisation expresses concern over the dual-drug regimen, that Samoa implemented, for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis (LF) a disfiguring tropical disease )

5. Faatonuina e le Faamasinoga Faa-itumalo se tinā, ina ia faia se la faaleleiga ma se uo-teine muamua a lona to’alua , talu ai ona o ni moliaga e 4 faasaga I lenei tinā, I lona lafoina o ni upu tau fa’amata’u ma le faalumaluma I se tasi o tamaitai. [6.04 - 6.58] (A woman has been ordered by a District-Court Judge, to make peace with her ex-husband’s girlfriend)

6. Faaauau pea ona faalia lagona ole atunuu ile mataupu e pei ona molia ai ile Faamasinoga ni faifeau se to’avalu mai ile EFKS, ona ole mataupu tau lafoga [6.58 – 8.24 ] (Mixed reaction is still being expressed, over the intention of the Samoa Ministry Of Revenue, to charge more C.C.C.S church ministers for their failure and refusal to file tax returns)

7. Ole aso Tofi ole vaiaso fou, oloo ua alo atu ai le Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) Juniors, mo la latou koneseti su’etupe : Pre-Christmas Pop Concert. Mafua lenei faamoemoe ona ole toatele o aiga oloo maitaulia e nei talavou e ala I a latou asiaiga, le manaomia o se suavai mamā. O nisi o aiga mai ile atu Falealili & Falelauniu, o le a ave iai le faamuamua mai ise seleni o le a maua [8.24 – 9.58] (Residents of Falealili & Falelauniu – who lack basic water supply systems, will be amongst the prioritised recipients, of the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) Juniors’ pre-Christmas Concert Fundraiser, planned for Thursday 6 December 2018)

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